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      BIO-GENERATOR is a psychotronic device, which consists of two overlapped boards, one organic and the other metallic. 

     On the metallic board (made of cooper) specific forms are drawn, in high relief.

    The organic board has the capacity of absorbing the bio-energy while the metallic one repels it, creating a unidirectional current of bio-energy.

    The metallic material (cooper), which is considered an “alchemistical hermaphrodite metal”, which means, the powers of yin and yang can flow in a balanced way.

    The drawn forms are mandhalas, whose lines, angles and circumferences, have specific dimensions, geometrically balanced among them, deriving from cabbalistic calculations and Pythagoreans principles, making the current of the bio-energy created by the overlapping boards dynamic. (Energy of the forms).


     This constant and unidirectional bio-energetic current, energizes the places, creating a dynamic field that harmonizes through the resonance, the aura of the human beings, bringing as a result, a mental and psychic balance for whom are in this field, as well as corporal health, for intervening the dynamic process of the current KI energy.



            The Bio-generator Orientation


    The bio-energy polarization yin - yang of the proceeding from the universe is respectively centripetal and centrifugal.

    It can be located through the cardinal points and guide the BIO-GENERATOR in the correct direction.


    On the orbit of the Earth, the center is the Sun; therefore, the interior part of orbit is Yang, while the exterior is Yin. Thus, in the morning the source Yang is in the East, while in the afternoon it is in the West.


     Considering the orbit of the solar system (sun and planets), in the Milky Way, the interior part which takes to the galactic center is Yang, while the exterior part is Yin.


     As the Earth axle is inclined around 30°, the South Pole is permanently heading for the galactic center, which here, it will be called the great Yang.

    Place the BIO-GENERATOR with its back turned to the Polar regions. For the North hemisphere, northwards and for the South hemisphere, southwards, this way, the cosmic energy which flows from the center of the Milky Way (Yang), or the exterior space (Yin) can be captured. The result is the same in both hemispheres.


    There is one more way which can be used for it, (Yang), during the morning hours, or for the West, (Yin), independently of the hemisphere, when we want to have a capture of a specific energy Yang, or Yin. In some determined hours, (the polarization is inverted in the morning hours).

     In cities, due to great buildings, much concrete, bridges etc., or regions with great geographic accidents, mountains lakes, mountain ranges and rivers, where all these forms can interfere in the flow of the bio-energy and change the angle (telluric forces), it is recommended that the user instinctively feels the best place for installing the device. If this happens, we suggest that  you check your intuition because, this fact is known, comes from the BIO-GENERATOR, which has its own way of guiding itself, as a compass; consequently, being the user of it, you will feel something like a light anxiety, an interior impulse or something stronger, eventually placing the BIO-GENERATOR in the right position.

     The best start could be placing the back part of the BIO-GENERATOR in the direction of the south, receiving a constant flow from bio-energy without alterations in its polarization and without any necessity of position changes        (see figure).




     Place the BIO-GENERATOR in the chosen position, as well as it is, or in a simple frame of your taste. Try to place it far from electric devices, such as TV, radio, microwave ovens, cell phones, etc.

     After installing it, the energizing will start immediately and the flow of the energy in the location gets progressively bigger, when the device is not touched or transferred to another place.

    If you want to do some exercises, we suggest you to sit down or lie down in front of the device, having in mind the reason of this relaxation

    It is not necessary to think or reflect the reason, just relax for some minutes and to try to find the 48 triangles drawn on the device.

    After this time, or for the time you find necessary, independently if the triangles were found or not, you can return to your routine.  


   It can be used, with excellent result, for the energizing of doctor's offices, classrooms, hospitals, health clinics, holistic therapy dormitories, massages rooms, refectories, houses or places  with negative telluric energies, for  the energizing of foods, water etc.

   The BIO-GENERATOR has, in one of its characteristics, the capacity of delay the time on the living organisms; therefore it is an excellent way for the longevity, healthy and happy.


 For the health use:


    For the sleeping time, place a small glass with water in front of the BIO-GENERATOR on a support of approximately 18 cm of height, measuring from the base of the device, and in a distance of 15 cm from the center of the BIO-GENERATOR, thinking "I want remedy for... (The name of the illness), or for... (The psychic state)" (it also can to be used for loosing weight, stopping smoking and passing in a test, etc.).

    In the morning when waking up, drink the glass of water before breakfast then continue your routine. This exercise has to be done at least 30 days uninterruptedly or more if the person feels necessary. In case of more people, each one must place their glasses together with the others, but you must not share the same glass, nor place a glass for another person s, with a specify wish. On the other hand many glasses can be placed in front of the BIO-GENERATOR for only one person, with the intention of the benefit of the others who wants to drink it.

     In a doctor's offices, the therapists can place a small stack of plastic cups (for coffee) with water, creating a pyramid in the front of the BIO-GENERATOR, thinking about the benefit of their  patients and after each section the therapists can ask the patients  to pick one of their choice and drink it.




     The BIO-GENERATOR not only energizes the location, harmonizing the flow of the bio-energy, but also neutralizes negative energies proceeding from people with auras in disequilibrium. Thus, feelings of envy, aggression, evilness, etc. are attracted and neutralized by the copper board. For these reason the copper sometimes can get blacker than the normal.

     It is suggested that from time to time or when necessary, the cooper part be polished and cleaned with a proper metal polish following the instruction of the product. (Avoid polishing the dark part of the symbol YIN in the middle of the BIO-GENERATOR)